The Earth Home invites you to your elegance of living by creating spaces and businesses that thrive -- through architecture, interior design, custom designed furniture and brand creation.


We create with You. For you are the expert of your living.

You know best what will make you happy and create a planet and a living of your desires. To actualise your living in a way that works for you so beautifully that you simply can't stop smiling wherever you look or be, we offer

Create As You Go

From individual pieces to just a room. Add our award winning designers, architects, artisans and craftsmen to your ideas for them to come to fruition with ease.

Get the whole deal

Tailor your living. Our architects, interior & furniture designers will be happy to design with you. And, be with you until it comes to fruition, beautifully.

Refresh & Revive

Are you looking for change yet will like to retain the same pieces? From restoring furniture to conserving heritage properties, we will love to play with you.

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Stay Tuned

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